Internet of Things absolute aanjager voor draadloos verbonden devices


m2m-simcityHet Internet of Things is de absolute aanjager voor de enorme stijging die wordt verwacht van het aantal draadloos verbonden devices. Dit stellen de specialisten van ABI Research.

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Web bank Holvi tests API for integrating other services with its platform


The Finland-based web bank Holvi, which recently gained a license to operate across Europe, is testing an application programming interface (API) that will make it possible to integrate with other services such as Dropbox and Mailchimp.

I last covered Holvi a couple years back, when it was preparing for its European rollout. The bank offers a comprehensive package of team-friendly services including web stores, payments, invoicing, budgeting and so on, and is touting for business among makers, freelancers and small businesses. As accounts can be set up quite quickly, it’s also good for projects (the Slush Festival has long used Holvi.)

[company]Holvi[/company] CTO Tuomas Toivonen gave me an example of the kinds of integration users can expect: A fashion blogger may put a Holvi widget into the blog so she can sell merchandise online. When she does so, she will receive both the money and information about the transaction…

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Zes jaar lang door medicatie vergiftigd zijn.
Daarmee stoppen en met een therapie beginnen die wél helpt.
De energie voelen toenemen en je dan realiseren wat je 6 jaar lang ontnomen is…

Dat doet pijn.

Ziekmakende medicatie

Mijn cliënt (zie post ‘Luisteren is ook zien’) kreeg zes jaar geleden te horen dat, hoewel er geen reumasporen in haar bloed te vinden waren, het vanwege haar verschijnselen toch écht beter voor haar zou zijn om aan de reumamedicatie te gaan. Deze zou door haar zorgverzekeraar vergoed worden.

Eind april kwam deze – overigens zeer intelligente en sensitieve – vrouw voor haar eerste APS Therapie behandeling. Ze was gestopt met de medicatie omdat ze er letterlijk ziek van was. Haar hartslag was verhoogd, ze had allergische reacties en haar energieniveau was ver beneden peil. En dat al zes jaar lang. Pas toen ze haar behandelend arts een foto van een rood’verbrand’…

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Google neemt Nest over voor 2,3 miljard euro – IT Pro – Nieuws – Tweakers

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Google heeft aangekondigd dat het de firma Nest zal overnemen. Daarvoor legt de internetgigant een bedrag van omgerekend 2,35 miljard euro op tafel.

Laurens ten Hagen‘s insight:

De overname van Nest werd maandag aangekondigd door Google. Nest is in 2010 opgericht en werd vrij snel daarna bekend door zijn Nest Learning Themostat, een zelflerende thermostaat met een opvallende vormgeving en de mogelijkheid om de regelaar via een smartphone-app in te stellen. Het product sloeg aan en is nog steeds te koop.


In oktober 2013 kondigde Nest een nieuw domoticaproduct aan, een ‘niet-irriterende’ rookmelder. De rookmelder reageert op spraakcommando’s en geeft ook eerst een alarm af met een gesproken stem voordat er een indringend alarm afgaat.


Google weet steeds meer van u…;-)

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Thank you to the World’s Greatest Community from the Empire Avenue Team

Empire Avenue new features.

Empire Kred

From all of us here at Empire Avenue:

The Empire Avenue Team is grateful for you, and we want to thank each and every one of you for the support you expressed over the past couple of days. We were elated to see so much love from our Empire Avenue Family. Thank you.

We read all of the comments (on Empire Avenue and beyond) and appreciate the time and energy that you all have put into Empire Avenue and helping us.
We are committed to delivering an excellent product. We are working around the clock to get you the best features and benefits.

We are delighted to introduce some enhancements to Missions that have been in the works for some time.

  • The Missions Create Page has been revamped so that we guide users to create Missions that reflect content and people discovery. The Reward in a Mission is to drive…

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Intellectual Property: How Intellectual Is Yours? – Infographic

The Main Street Analyst




Did you know that intellectual property (IP) accounts for 20% of the US gross domestic product (GDP) and for 40% of the country’s economic gains? Or that IP-intensive industries employ close to 55 million workers?

Source: upcounsel

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Want to get people shopping socially? It might be harder than you think


When it comes to online fashion and large digital brands, it seems social shopping might have hit a plateau. It’s pretty standard now for companies like Amazon or Nordstrom to display products along with buttons for sharing to Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. Products might have reviews and photo galleries, or the company might have its own blog.

But beyond that? There isn’t much social activity happening on most of those larger sites.

Zappos Glance social recommendation product pageI sat down with the team at Zappos Labs last week to talk about the future of online shopping. It’s not like Zappos is struggling to find shoppers, but the company’s leadership clearly understands that as the world moves more toward social media adoption, there must be ways to use social to boost sales and improve the shopping experience.

“It’s hard for us to think of new ways to shop when people are keeping the lights on of a…

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Judge to Google, Oracle: tell me which bloggers you’ve paid

Nice to know…

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Oracle v. Google re: Java found a way to get interesting again.


A couple of months after Oracle’s billion-dollar fishing expedition went bust when Google’s Android was found not to infringe on Java patents, the judge has asked both parties which bloggers they paid.


In judge William Alsup’s own words:


The Court is concerned that the parties and/or counsel herein may have retained or paid print or internet authors, journalists, commentators or bloggers who have and/or may publish comments on the issues in this case.


… each side and its counsel shall file a statement herein [clearly] identifying all authors, journalists, commentators or bloggers who have reported or commented on any issues in this case and who have received money (other than normal subscription fees) from the party or its counsel during the pendency of this action.

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