Snapchat is rolling out Snap Map

Snapchat is rolling out a new feature it calls Snap Map which lets you view Snaps by location and view Stories from around the world. With the Snap Map, you can view Snaps of sporting events, celebrations, breaking news, and more from all across the world 🗺️ Snap’s new location feature even lets you share…

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How do you build a $1 billion company?


How do you build a billion-dollar business? It’s not a linear process. When I started at [fortune-stock symbol=”CRM”], we were 10 guys in a room. Our path to success was much more of a slow climb, with lots of switchbacks along the way.

I like the switchback metaphor because it represents how companies entering a new growth stage must essentially become a new organization. The things that made it successful during one stage may actually prevent it from succeeding during the next. So at each stage, it must be willing to change the rules and toss the sacred cows.

I started Zuora in 2007. And over the years, I have learned what it takes to build a $1 billion company. These are some of the biggest lessons I learned, at each stage of growth:

Prove the idea: $0 to $1 million
With the right idea, you…

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Bill Gates wants to tackle mobile banking, but not with bitcoin


Bill and Melinda Gates’ to-do list will probably put yours to shame. This year, in the Gates Foundation annual letter, the duo outlined their long-term, 15-year roadmap for the challenges that they want to solve. Their four main goals:

  • Health: Reducing the number of children who die before the age of five and the number of women who die in childbirth while eradicating diseases like polio.
  • Farming: Educating farmers and advancing farming techniques to curb malnutrition and reduce poverty levels.
  • Finance: Bringing mobile banking to developing countries to help people secure and make spending and sharing money easy.
  • Education: Using smartphones and tablets to bring online education to the poor while empowering women and teachers.

Ambitious is an understatement for the list, but it doesn’t mean it’s unachievable. Whether its drinking purified poop water to draw attention to sanitation problems or helping India eradicate polio, the Gateses have…

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Mobiele internetconomie groeit flink in grootste Europese landen


Business GraphIn de vijf grootste Europese landen zal de omzet uit activiteiten die afhankelijk zijn van mobiele internetdiensten de komende jaren flink toenemen. Dit blijkt uit onderzoek van de consultants van de Boston Consulting Group.

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De Verleiders met nieuwe show ‘Door de Bank Genomen’ te gast bij DWDD – Geldstelsel Hervormen

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Gisteravond was de theatergroep DE VERLEIDERS met hun nieuwe show ‘Door de Bank Genomen’ te gast bij De Wereld Draait Door (DWDD).

George van Houts legt in het fragment uit dat we niet langer leven in een democratie maar een fina-cratie waarin we geregeerd worden door het grote geld, in handen van de banken.

Ook legt hij uit dat er wel degelijk groepen zijn die hier wat aan proberen te doen zoals Positive Money UK , Ons Geld beweging en Ad Broere.

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De Verleiders - Door de bank genomen

De Verleiders met nieuwe show ‘Door de Bank Genomen’ te gast bij DWDD – Geldstelsel Hervormen.

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13 Google Chrome extensions you should know about


Google Chrome is a great browser made even better by options for customization. What makes Chrome a really personal browser is the huge catalog of extensions that you can add to it, making your web experience even better.

The Chrome Web Store features thousands of apps and extensions for the Chrome browser. There are tons of apps for leisure and for a more productive workday. Here’s a sampling of extensions that you probably haven’t heard of before, but that are likely to become must-haves for you.

Improve security

Online security is a major concern for individual users and corporations. Avast Online Security blocks malicious content and trackers, prevents phishing and notifies users about a site’s reputation. The interface lets you customize your security preferences, in case you need cookies or other services to comfortably browse a given site.

Avast Online Security Avast Online Security

HTTPS Everywhere layers the Hypertext Transfer Protocol on…

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Alibaba, expected to be the largest IPO in US history, has priced its shares


After weeks of waiting, Alibaba has set the wheels in motion for its highly anticipated upcoming IPO on the American market. The Chinese e-commerce company, which competes globally with the likes of Amazon and eBay, will pricing its shares between $60 and $66. With the company selling 320.1 million shares, that means it hopes to drum up $20.1 billion in funds, which would make it the largest IPO in U.S. history. The IPO fund manager, Renaissance Capital, compared Alibaba’s IPO to previous big hitters like Visa and Facebook.


Alibaba’s road show will most likely start next week, according to a New York Times source. The IPO itself is expected to be priced Thursday, September 18 for “trading on Friday” on the NYSE, based on Renaissance’s analyst blog.

To fulfill its mission of global dominance, [company]Alibaba[/company] needs more capital. Its choice to go public in America — instead of Hong Kong — suggests that…

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